Cross gen playability on PS5?


Does anyone have any confirmed info about cross gen playability on PS5? I’m asking because I’m getting a PS5 but all my mates are staying on PS4 for the time being.

I guess it will be different from game to game right? I heard it will be possible to get in a party with PS4 players on PS5 and that like 99% of PS4 games will be playable on PS5.

I think that games that are made for old gen games like COD: Modern Warfare should definitely be playable cross gen right?

Clearly not possible. These are 2 different games, with 2 different game mechanics and badges.


Yes you’re correct on everything you said. Current gen 2k and COD can be played on the PS5 so you should still be able to play with them and they recently updated the playstation party system to support cross gen communication.

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On xbox series x there is no cross gen matchmaking. Dude on stream last night couldn’t find a game online

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On Xbox you have current gen as a backwards compatible game so you’ll be able to play with them that way but not next gen to current gen

It will be your backwards compatible current gen to their current gen if that makes sense

Cross gen and cross platform would be a huge quality of life improvement

Why would they make cross gen com possible if cross gen gaming was not possible?

I think it should work on old gen games but not on next gen games made specifically for PS5 like next gen NBA 2k21 for example.

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I think that’s how it is, but we’ll find out soon enough.

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I might just offline Next Gen and Online Current Gen.

Can someone that has PS5 tell me about if cross gen is a possibility? I heard you can even play old gen nba 2k on ps5. Does anyone know how it is on Modern Warfare? And what about FIFA?