Critique my squad

Pretty cookie cutter as far as my starters go, what changes/suggestions y’all got for me.

What other rotations could I try?

Also, debating on whether to pick up MVP harden or Diamond wall w/ red kyrie’s


That dray look nice!

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You are missing a PG.

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I would swap Simmons for John Wall (that’s what I actually did). Unless you have a 3pt shoe on him, he’s a liability on the perimeter as opponents will sag off him and clog the lane. He’s better at PF. Also, where is the bench PG?

As cheesy as it is, I’m using Scottie as PG rn for this season, also why I’m asking for opinions on mvp harden or wall to eventually use as my pg

Harden starts and Wall comes off the bench for me.


R u using the base amy pip as pg?

Yuppp, I saw another thread on here stating to try him out at PG to combat the point-forwards, does a great job

He’s rocking diamond white curry lows