Create the ultimate player

If you were to take only the best parts of 2 players and combine them into 1 player who would be the ultimate player. I think Curry and Wilt would be the best possible player. With position restrictions I would make a lineup of

PG: Ben Simmons/Curry
SG: Jordan/Klay
SF: Lebron/Bird
PF: Nowitzki/Kemp
C: Wilt/Cousins

What would your lineup be




AI / Magic
Kobe / MJ
Pippen / KD
Bird / AD
Russell / Yao

I feel that Kobe and Jordan’s game were to similar, thats why I went with klay because all Jordan couldn’t do great was shoot the 3

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Wilt/Sabonis would no doubt be the ultimate player, ultimate center at the least


I could see that, Wilts athleticism, a little taller with Sabonis’s skill set

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Michael Jordan/LaVar Ball

Pre injury Sabonis could dunk from the free throw line, splash a limitless 3 and do behind the back and no look passes.


I don’t believe the first one

LeBron/Curry oh my lawd

Or maybe Westbrook and O’neal. Westbrooks speed and quickness with shaqs size and strength.

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Ibaka can dunk from the free throw line, why not Sabonis?

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PG Magic/Curry
SG jordan/TMac
Sf Lebron/Bird
Pf TD/Dirk
C Shaq/Hakeem

Check it out if you havent before, at age of 19 playing with broken ACL and killing D.Rob

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true HOFer

Ha I literally just found this video before you posted it. I didn’t say the dude couldn’t ball, I just don’t think he can dunk from the FT line

Look at his dunks and how high he jumps on it and during his blocks and his acceleration as well.

I can’t find a single reference to back it up

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If Ibaka could do it, Sabonis can do it no prob

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