Create me a lineup

I haven’t played much 2k over the festive period, but I’m back and have just sold most of my team so looking for you guys to put me a lineup together, to get me that Hakeem.

Have 900k available for upgrades, my current lineup is;

I probably need a full new bench lineup as they are just fillers, and also could make a few changes to the starters also, who should I get?

Baron/peja/deng/green/amy embiid

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Get rid of Melo altogether?

Well i have him and i got rid of him before of peja because peja has 3pt plays, is a better shooter and also a better defender…

However if you like melo you can use him instead of pippen in the starting lineup, and use pippen instead of deng off the bench (or not use pippen at all and use deng off the bench, depending on how much you want to spend)

Yeah i did actually have Pippen, bought him for 80k bin and sold for 130 the other day and despite everyone saying how good he is, it was a card i struggled to use so had to cash in for that profit. Do you think its worth going all out for someone like Giannis too or just improve the team fully

Giannis is really good, but i prefer a balanced lineup instead of 1 star player with fillers

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However if you want to spend all the 900k, you could do a really good lineup like:
Magic/new pg/pippen/giannis/gasol
Oscar/butler/deng/blake/amy embiid

Even if you don’t like pippen, he is there mainly because of his unbelievable defense

Love Melo, not the best on d but he is a killer offensively. Also with that Peja, I’ve never actually used him online as I only unlocked him not long ago, is he worth playing?

Yeah i feel you bro, Pippen might have to come back solely for that lol, need someone to lock down cheesers, but the new pg looks nasty, have you used him?

Yeah peja helped me on my 12-0 run for johnson: he has an awesome release, always green, and is really tall so can shoot over the people. He can also hold his own on defense! I suggest a speed/moving 3pt shoe for him

That new pg card is nasty: i loved him, clamps on defense and really good offense! However i sold him, cause i already have granger and klay, but for half the price he can do almost everything like them

Thanks man imma use Peja then, hopefully he will do just as good for me as he has you.

Heard nothing but good stuff about pg though, only thing that worried me was that he has a quite slow release doesn’t he?

No he doesn’t, especially if you run plays. His timing is similar to peja’s one, so maybe try peja before and then decide. However if you use pg at 2, he is usually taller than the other 2 so he can shoot over them. Moreover, both peja and pg’s releases are really easy to green

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Will deffo use them then, tbh I’ve been unable to time the fast jumpers on Arenas/Hedo etc at all I just brick so maybe I’m in need of slower ones anyway lmao, thanks man

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