Create a section for Live please

It’s time :slight_smile:

maybe it just seems good because people r just thirsty for a new game.
just like a guy that didn’t had sex in long time and then fucks a fat chick and think it was good sex

And you assume the guy was skinny? Can’t a fat guy fuck a fat girl and have a good time?



Should i cancel my 2k preorder? :sweat_smile:

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The demo is feeling a lot better than 18. I think next year 2k is gonna have to really step it up.

I’m 38 years old, def not thirsty for anything lol maybe a bigger house :rofl:

its just depends on the person taste, its all good partner

The only Live community I’ve really been able to find is on reddit. If there were a legit Live forum I’d be 100% committed to Live. Only thing I’ll miss about 2k are the guys here to communicate with.


Better game will pull more players in. This is a good step for that.

Well, we can’t have a Live section, but I can deem this thread the Official Live Thread if you want lol.


Even if live was the best game, it’s more the online interaction and lack of community that holds it back unfortunately

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Wow sooo NBA Live is that good huh? I haven’t had a chance to play yet. Hearing nothing but good things soo far

Please no section for live lmao

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I’m 20 and would like a big house too lol 2k a month for a small 2bedroom apartment. I aint complaining tho SF and NY is worse

SF sucks. 3k+ a month

I heard SF was expensive as fuck to live. I know someone who just hadta sell their house cuz it was becoming too much.

It is. Anywhere in the bay is. Only if you live in section 8 housing or something, you could get by making minimal. And our stupid ass like 9.5% sales tax

Bascially better find roomates?