Crazy wager again

Where’s your friend at? He hasn’t logged in in days and hasn’t streamed in over a week.

Tyceno vs Annoying for $25k

They will play today will be crazy , this game have crazy numbers wager everyday

You miss him

I’m typically against the pocket watching but these park streamers must be raking in a lot of dough to be able to hold these high-stakes wagers so often?

I ve saw they hitting like 30k viewers ( top ones ) even new streamers are getting 2k viewers on wagers etc
They profit a lot with this , and they make the community it’s happy with this matchups

They probably have sponsorships that help pay for some of it as well.

Yup they get 30k on viewers then go put it up on YouTube and get 300k views so even if they lose they still making more money

I think ty said he makes more than 20k a month


They make way more on subscriptions and gift . It’s crazy the amount of donations per stream , a lot of people seeing
I think they barely have sponsors

Even this regular ones , kids with 16 are getting a lot of viewers if they good in the game .
Too much money involved , they just wagers because they will make more on stream and In some cases with the videos in YouTube

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@OGxSuave @Pedronqneves

Ah that makes sense. Crazy to think about lol. Dudes are wagering undergraduate college tuitions on a video game.

I’ve popped into a few big name streamers twitch/youtube streams and they’re receiving donations every other minute.

I’m so curious about the logistics of it all now. Like what happens when it comes tax time? Is twitch/youtube/etc taking a chunk of the earnings?

But shout out to these young buls for getting to this point. That’s some dedication

Well for example an sub cost 4.99 twitch takes 50% of it , but as you get bigger you negotiate with them

Ah true true you just reminded me about that. I looked at a subscribe option on twitch the other day and was like “this has a monthly fee attached to it?! :worried::hushed:

It’s all getting clearer lol.