Crazy Pull KAJ 10 Pack Box

Opened a 10 box KAJ pulled 2 Pink Diamond Limited KAJ.


I hate you.

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God give me the strength to not pull a box


Some people lol

About to open a 10 lol duck it


Do it. Let me know how it goes


Amy Wilt was the best

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I don’t know if packs are lit now but damn. Almost back to back PD pull. I got an offer for 650k VC for 99$. Btw this is on 2nd 10 Box. After that I stopped opening and still have 500k + VC

Amy Wilt?

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That’s a ton of money

Amy KAJ lmao whopps

Lol. I was about to say.

What’s are the numbers on the limited, I can’t get it to zoom

1,017 and 1,018

That’s awesome congrats!

Wait i got the same offer. Imma wait till magic packs :joy::joy::joy: maybe ill actually pull him

Offer expires after 24 hrs so buy it now

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19 hours for me. Probably gonna just cop and wish me luck fam imma just sit on it till theres soemthing i really wanna pull for

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Yeah 24hrs Only so I bit. I thought I would make it last and just open 2-3 KAJ 10 Pack Box. Should I sell both or wait till packs are gone?