Crazy park wager πŸ˜…


Whites of hell rofl

Great gameplay. But if my teammates ever talked to me like that on stream I’m selling the whole fucking game paying my dues and never fuckin with him again lol


I don’t even know how this guys are playing together :joy:

Ye , none of them are comfortable on offense they are shooting bad

Like I get some of this is probably just cuz it’s his demeanor and his twitch vibe. But mannnnnn if I ever get caught talking to a teammate like that in a wager just tell me to quit streaming lol

But hey he the one with a huge following. So maybe I’m doing something wrong lol

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I barely see this guys , I know better the team that is playing against .
I think he normally isn’t like that , I don’t know :joy:but there is a lot of successful streamers with a good posture . I think park has way more public too , their numbers are going crazy high with this wagers that everyone is waiting since January :sweat_smile:

Yee these wagers are legit. I can’t put that shit up right now. I will say it’s great content. Found myself clenching my own ass cheeks cuz I was stressed lol

Ye continue to be consistent , a lot of this guys have no views literally at the beginning of the year
But they are the best and people in park really like to see the best guys . And of course the communication between them sometimes help the circus :joy: