Crazy layup animations

Crazy layup animations

My guy keeps doing crazy 360 between the legs layups in rec and I definitely don’t have these on.

Is it a badge or something? It might have activated more after I got slithery finisher.

Keeps getting me blocked.

I saw someone on Twitter say that if you go to your MyPlayer animations and scroll all the way to the bottom of your “Park Layup Animations” you can unequip “park layups.”

I cannot confirm this though because I don’t have a MyPlayer lol

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They automatically apply them when you hit all star 1. It’s so dumb, haha. Amazingly when I hit it I made all of my 360 layups in a few games before I got rid of them

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I’ve definitely hit a lot and they look insane, but shit makes me so mad when I’m open and I do it and I get blocked from behind.

These apply to pro am too?

Yeah they were there on rec for me. You can unequip them. Somewhere down the bottom of some park animations