Crazy Bad Pack/Box Luck!

I got the GO MJ the first day for 800k

Since then I’ve opened up 6 single packs, 6 10 pack boxes and 1 20 pack box and haven’t pulled a single Mike of any tier :man_shrugging:t2:

Anyone else with this bad of luck?


I’ve never seen the PD glow ever in my history of 2k pack openings. R.I.P


Yea these pack are horrible and I believe there are out of opal mj. Because there no one pulling him any more.

Same here.


Damn that’s crazy!

I can’t say the same, I go on streaks where I pull 3-4 in a week and then none for 2 weeks

Good to know!

How many limited GOs left?

pink diamonds are diamonds this year anyways

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Yeah I think a ton of people pass over this fact.
All of the tiers had their rating range change to squeeze in 99 GOs.

But its “oMgzzzz gALaXy oPuLLLzzz”.

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opals = pd
pd = diamond
some diamonds = amythest


The best cards I have ever pulled from packs are D Millsap in 2K17 and D Laettner this year. And it took over 80K VC that I saved up from the MyNBA2K app to get that Laettner. This game is a scam and anyone spending real cash on it are suckers :man_shrugging:

Because the only way to pull anything is to open 100+ dollars on packs and its not worth it one bit. Game is dead now anyways so save your money and dont give any to these bums

“Crazy bad luck”…LOL
I’ve pulled just one diamond in 2k19. No PDs, no GOs. Spent several hundred £ through the year, plus all VC I’ve collected in MyCareer.

Some kids expect too much for sure…

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Best pull all year been PD Bradley Beal and ive opened up 500k+ Mt and like 100$(played my career/park for a while) of VC

I ain’t pulled a pd In bout 2 weeks

I’ve, in all my 2k pack opening career have pulled… Wait for it… One single Diamond…95 overall… Hassan mother fucking Whiteside… From 2k18. :joy::joy::joy: Been opening since 2k16 and I got him after I bluntly accused 2k last year of lowering my odds.

Next box the man the myth Hassan

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Man y’all make me now complain about my pack luck and not pulling anything at times. My last pull was Sunday and before been off and on but I was on fire till Pascal pd came out . When I pulled him my luck went down hill big time. I couldn’t pull anything. I broke the dry curse when I finally pull kyrie anniversary card.

Theres something to be said when you’re spending hundreds of dollars and not a single PD pull. You damn well should expect good pulls from several hundreds of dollars. Thats 2k for you. Odds so bad is criminal

MyTeam is a glorified mobile game

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No pd pulls. That’s tough

Why are you surprised?