Craziest stat lines you’ve ever dropped in Rec?

Was playing on my Steph Curry build and had this game LOL.

Had 56 at the half and 88 going into the 4th, was definitely going to drop 100 but they all quit.


We need to do a matchup with private pro ammmm
For fun

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This is my first year playing Rec (pc->ps5) and I hate when they all quit. You don’t get as many rep points, right?

Also trip dubs for me, nothing crazy.

70% From 3 green bean

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Shooting 20 for 20 from 3 in 2k20 with my Base 98 SG.

I remember laughing at how stupid the game was then for even allowing me to do that. Now in 2k21, it’s gotten even worse.


I did this back in 2k19 in rec we were just messing around against bums and I started 0-7 from 3 with a pure lock and then my mates were saying wouldn’t it be crazy if you shot 0-50 and still won

So we did :joy: good memories also dropped 103 in a rec game that year


Just like the real Giannis!

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