Craziest park game so far that you've played?

So last night I played a game and had a total of 7 blocks. Now my player is a 6’10 center with not a ton of strength but can move really quickly. I put skill boosts on for blocks and rebounding to help out bc the stats needed a little help. Well when I do that my player plays insane bc of it. Rim Protecting at 100% lol. I was swatting shots last night like I was playing a volleyball game. .
Then as well a guy shot and did a windmill dunk after shooting which looked insane.

When the game first dropped and nobody could shoot my big man was averaging like 20 boards a game shit was pretty wild. I remember shooting like 5/27 on the 2s court.

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i think my first game as a 60 i had 18 boards my first game.
and i went NMS before the blacktop thing got nerfed. now to make another build but not sure what to make