CP3 vs. Rondo

Thinking about picking up one of the two for my starting line up which would you suggest??

Rondo is cheaper

My fault forgot to mention i aint going for their diamonds just amethyst

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Cp3 is better. But real talk cp3 amy with a 3pt shoe is killer too

Rondo can shoot the Mid better but CP3 got the 3 ball fashoo

Rondo has faster dribble animations

Rondo got HOF dimer too

The auction house delay screwed me on Saturday and I missed a Rondo for 100,050


Are we talking about diamond chris paul ? Cuz diamond chris paul is the best pg in the game. 17hof badges. Rondo is good. But that diamond cp3 is crazy. Rondo does not have better mid range than diamond cp3. Thats a fact

Nah bruh amethyst versions … you aint read the post??

Sorry. You added that after. I didn’t see that. I never used amy rondo. Can only talk for the cp3 amy. He took me all the way to pd first round of this season. Changed to diamond rondo last round and couldn’t crack diamond. Not sure what that means. But i really enjoyed paul

There aint any with shoes thats why i might go with Rondo

Fair fair. Id just keep an eye on cp3s. If i knew this like 2 days ago i would have sold you mine haha

I already know once i buy rondo ones gonna pop up

I sold mine for 15 k. Its not too much even with the shoe



Thanks for the suggestions but i got rondo

Good choice. Amy Giannis is better though