CP3 in Super Max

Has anyone here run CP3 in Super Max for a longer period of time? He’s very tempting for me as the main playmaker, but it’s a big decision so I need some intel first. Any feedback will be appreciated, but these two questions are the most important:

  • Can he finish at the rim without constantly getting blocked?

  • Can he successfully defend against taller “point guards”?


I’ve played against him twice, but I have not used him. I can say that one guy was using him correctly and gave me a MAJOR headache, and the other guy was easy to shut down because he sucked. I think in the right hands he would be an amazing card. Like people good with Jerry West would probably crush teams with CP3. That’s the impression I got from going up against him anyway.

Thanks! I was trying to get the feel of him so I took the amethyst for a ride in an online game. I scored over 30 points with him on fast breaks, mid range and even contested layups.

After what you had seen from that capable CP3 player, have you considered locking him in?

I don’t think he’ll be a big time finisher unless they give him the ability to dunk with ease, a la Jerry West who yammed all over my team one game in SuperMax cough HORSE SHIT cough

I did play a guy with CP3 who wasn’t that good overall, but that card damn sure was legit. He was wetting the net off of screens, and his movements on court were niiiiice and crisp. His midrange jumper was butter. I believe he dropped 35-40 with him. He did finish at the rim but nothing crazy to my recollection.

It seems like he finishes good at the rim, but with layups instead of dunks.

In pink diamond. He’s my starting point guard. Has been for a long time. Averages 15 and 12. Favorite card I have

Also my Chris Paul dunks almost every single time at the rim. Rarely ever does a layup. Maybe mine is boosted lol nah but he dunks like Jerry west dunks. He just doesn’t do the posterizer style ones

I’ve contemplated locking him. I haven’t locked an end-game center yet because I’m holding out for Wilt or Ewing, and so I’ve still got Boogie and Sabonis for the time being. The thing is if I lock CP3 I’m automatically saying Kareem is my end-game center. Not sure I want that. If you already have Kareem and some other pieces from the promo then go for it. My main concern would be one of yours; which is defense. I start magic and he feasts. I don’t wanna have CP3 come in when Magic gets a breather and give up a high percentage to the opposing PG. An opposing PG who is quite often a Pippen-esque player.

I have consistently locked down 5 out tmac cheese td at point guard with CP3. He gets steal animations I’ve never seen on 2k before owning this card

I was about to ask. So you take the oversized PGs head on with Paul and he locks them down? I guess it doesn’t get better than 99 steal and HOF pickpocket and HOF Deffensive Stopper… Are there any problems with this card that you’ve noticed?

Only issue is he gets jumpers blocked occasionally. You gotta be a little more picky with your shots with him. His limitless is fire and you can make a living with that alone. Also his moving threes are cash

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I already have Kareem and KP from the set. The only scenario I get rid of Kareem is when I need funds for a new Jordan or LeBron. In that case I’d go with Shaq or the upcoming David Robinson for endgame. I guess the best choice is to wait it out until Thursday and check out the new promo… Thanks for your help.

i made pd with amy chris paul. he has a pretty good euro step package ! and he plays GREAT on ball d. just my opinion

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Maybe Wilt but not Ewing. His release will always be kind of ass. His post fades sucks too, not that that’s much of an option this year.

He’ll also be slower than Kareem. Kareem should be better in all respects, really. I think there will be a DI Pat, but he’ll be budgetish Throwback Moments.

He only dunks in open lane or blowby after 5 out sometimes if opponent have week defender on him and Ive a dunking shoe on him. Im reading every avg u give for a player u must be scoring 150 pts, 50 assists every game…sorry but u are really exaggerating sometimes :kissing_heart:

Would you unlock him if could? I know you’re a millionaire, but still…

What? How am I exaggerating? Harden averages 12. Paul
Averages 15. Melo averages 25 in the 8 games I’ve had him. How am I exaggerating those numbers. Also to add to that fact my Chris Paul always dunks. And he doesn’t have a dunking shoe. Do you want me to lie to this guy and say he never dunks. Maybe yours doesn’t but mine does. I don’t know what you want me to say. Chris Paul dunks for me.

Like that legit made no sense and tried to act like I mentioned more than 3 players averages In all my posts. How am I dishing 50 assists. I average 23 or so assists a game total. Chris Paul averages 12 of them. How is that exaggerated. A nigga mention 2 players and now suddenly I’m exaggerating my players stats.

Search for the topic “Cp3 facts” also there is another one telling about him.

Melo dropped to 25 from 35 then lol