Cowens base 11

Didn’t know if this was known yet so I made this thread. I’m so fucking dead.

You’re kidding?

Lock this thread rn

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It’s about that time of year to hit 94 overall on park…


Jesus, another unusable player for me.

I love the left handed base 11. Feels so nice and natural.

This card is really damn good. Probably the best defender with base 11 due to the badges. I predict he’ll go up in price.

how much is he

last I checked 350k on ps4

On XB1 he ended at 450k just now.

Petit lockers feeling regret?


im close to pettit and still might lock for those shooting badges

Oh regretted after the first game. This doesn’t make it feel any worse. Should have kept my 750 and copped everyone else between sapphire and PD on my way to Giannis

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he garbage?

Why don’t you like pettit?
I chose worthy over him though

Yoooo love it. How much we think he will drop too later? Need him for my celts squad

i need to see a post fade first

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You know it and I need to see that pf secondary position first :joy: lol

I blew all my MT on MJ. :sob: Should have enough for this beast after selling Penny. Hopefully the price doesn’t skyrocket.

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There will be an even more op cards to follow

2k coming for them pockets

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