Covid vaccine

This covid vaccine sounds good. First responders could get it as early as a few weeks from now but Mass distribution won’t be till March/April likely. Stay safe friends. 2021 is going to be a good year

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Safety concerns haven’t even been disclosed yet.

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Thank you Mikhael Pennis!
Michael pence developed this personally


From what I’ve read you need two doses, and they could produce 1.2 billion doses by the end of 2021, which would be 600 million people. I don’t know how many of that 600 mil would be in the US or abroad, but unless they really expand production capacity or other vaccines become viable, next year is still going to be a challenge. My wife also saw somewhere the vaccine has to be stored at like -70 celcius, which makes storage and transportation difficult. Definitely hoping for the best, though.

I can’t trust vaccines after they told people to inject bleach

Pfizer didn’t take any money from the government to develop the vaccine, at least.

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Ya it’s going to take some time, but remember there are other vaccines in the work as well, could have 3 or 4 by year end.

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What? How does this make sense?

You actually paid attention to what that poorly sprayed tanned orange said? Wtf does someone saying inject bleach have to do with actual researched vaccines and their effects?


Companies making vaccines actually use scientists. Completely different then what the president does.

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Don’t give me hope…

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This is great news.

BUT… Can you imagine the number of anti-vaxxers and angry MAGA folks that will refuse to take this vaccine? If there are enough of them they could ruin everything…

I’ll like for it to be tested outside the poverty areas before I use it


You guys think trump took this when he had covid?

Vaccine wouldn’t do anything if he already had the virus.

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No I believe it was a cocktail from Regeneron


2020 as a very bad year. 2021 can’t be any worst.

What do you know right after the election they announce that there will be a COVID vaccine that’s 90% effective

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neither of the candidates had anything to do with the vaccine. why would they let Trump claim credit for it?

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Facts. Pfizer knew Trump and his administration would claim credit for it even tho they got nothing to do with it lol

Anyone who was paying attention new the vaccine was close, could be 4 vaccines by year end. We new this months ago.

Mass vaccination by spring. This is old news. Poor timing for trump maybe