COVID Vaccine for the NBA

Gotta educate those shareholders :woozy_face:

Vaccine just needs to be more widely available. Once more people get it there will be less of a stigma around getting it.

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I like and dislike this, on one hand it will tell people that aren’t sure about getting vaccinated to go and get it but, on the other hand, some people (old people, people of risk, doctors and nurses) haven’t gotten it yet but they will, and that doesn’t seem fair to me.

Any elderly people and doctors and nurses who haven’t gotten it is by choice. It was made available to them first like a month ago.

Not where I live, some people just can’t make an appointment to get it, too much demand and not enough vaccines

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Yeah well I mean, you got dudes from the Today Show getting the vaccine live on air, you knew they would give it to the wealthy people first.

1a. The rich and powerful
1b. Health care professionals.
1c. First responders.
1d. At risk population.
2. General public.

Damn whole league gets bell palsy