Couple Questions Regarding Gameplay (Advice is appreciated)

OK, so I recently had a stretch about a week or two ago where I was more able to compete in online games than I ever have been. Then about 5 days ago (give or take a few), everything just went to the crapper. Here are the problems I’m having, and if anyone has advice then I would greatly appreciate it:

1.) I’m missing at least half my putbacks. Even with GO Shaq (who was a beast when I first copped him 10 days ago…now, he’s just so-so).
2.) I’m starting to see the big disadvantage I face by not knowing how to perform these hoppity-hop, skip-to-my-lou dancing around dribble moves these guys do. Now, I see the temptation in off-balling. So, my question is how do I defend in a one-on-one situation at the top of the key? How do I keep from overcommitting laterally when the dude is dancing around like Ricky Martin on crack, and how do i keep from being made to look like a crippled person when someone feints the drive just to snatchback a J in my face (yes, the snatchback is alive and well in 2k19)?
3.) Possibly part of the cause of #2 is my usage frequency of the turbo button. I’m beginning to think that the turbo button really does more harm than good. I feel like this kills me on defense AND offense. Is it possible that taking shots while holding the turbo button can decrease the chances of a make in certain scenarios?
4.) Also, I think the L2 button is causing me difficulties. This button was a savior at the beginning of the year when people would spam X. But now when I use it specifically on offense, I feel like it jacks up my animations. Anyone else experience this?

I’m sure there’s more but I’m going to leave it at that for now. Comments appreciated.


Forgive me if you are already doing some of these things:

When guarding dribblers, do NOT hold the R stick up to constantly contest. That slows your lateral movement and makes you bbq chicken for a blowby.

You have to constantly be switching between being in defensive stance (L2 on PS4) and letting go of L2 and using turbo to retreat and get back between your man and the rim. I almost never use L2 and turbo at the same time—it’s not quick enough to keep up with a speed boost. Let go, retreat, and reposition.

When players are dancing behind screens, you have to let the CPU help you. As soon as you get your defender across the screen, switch to offball and let CPU race back to the ballhandler. Then switch back to onball.

Offensively, you don’t have to be a dribble god, but you should know how to use lateral hesi and escape behind the back animations to bounce behind screens for quick shots. Against someone who’s mastered this, you’re best chance is to also score a lot of points. Sometimes it comes down to who times their open 3s more accurately that game.

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