Could token GOATS actually be different players from the others?

Haven’t seen this exact prediction I don’t think, so I wanted to throw it out there

Last year the token GOATS were the same as previously released auctionable limited GOATs. We’re kind of expecting the same.

But couldn’t they theoretically release different players only as token GOATs? LeBron could still come out only be auctionable, but maybe a GOAT Bill Russell and GOAT Oscar or something in the token rewards?

Theoretically these could come out any time, even today or tomorrow…

These could also be needed for the ‘GOAT’ collection reward in addition to the others acquired through auctionable cards and grind rewards.

Anyone think this is possible, or are we dead set that they will be token versions of existing ones?

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like 4 people in the game would have the goat lockin but it’s technically possible

It is possible, especially after their spies read your post.

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With 2K, anything can happen.

the overwhelming response to start this is maybe lol

i know 2k too well they wont make goat cards only for token market.
they will prolly milk the buyable goat cards first and earn their money and then they going to put them in the token market.

If I see goat kaj in the token market after lockin for 2 mil ima be choked ,atleast not till mid july

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There is a small chance that they make one so that you can get a goat card for griding , ripping packs and locking sets.

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maybe just maybe they will make one tto online just like opal tracy .00001 chance to get them

I guess it could be just one. I’m certain they will make people spend cash for GOAT LeBron.

The GOATs so far have all been players widely considered top ten of all time. So if they are sticking with that we’re just waiting on Shaq, Wilt, Bill, Duncan, Hakeem, and then the fringe guys like Oscar. They could also GOATify Giannis… which will end the mode. lol

Maybe they throw rewards for TTO online? Like the TTO ones.

they wont make a shaq card he has 2 opals , Duncan and hakeem wont get one in my opinion we will get a goat wilt with a 3 and a bill russel maybe a jerry west but no one will use him tho

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they will have to put the buyable goat cards in the token market so most of the community can get the lock in for the collection

Shaq still doesn’t have a Orlando version of him…

I think this exact thing is going to happen. Probably with players like Bill Russell, wilt, etc

Yeah we’re either getting a diamond career highlights Magic Shaq or a GOAT opal Magic Shaq, leaning towards the latter

I think Bill/Shaq/Duncan/Wilt/Bron GOAT cards are still to come

i’m guessing 2 more GOATS - LBJ and then a tossup between the ones already mentioned (Bill/Timmy/Wilt/Shaq)

LBJ will be in packs and I’m guessing the other one will be a lock in reward or some kind of grind. I don’t think they give us new GOATs in the token market.

I mean, surely some of the GOATS will be available on the token market. It’s crazy to think that to lock the GOAT reward, we’d have to play 350 offline games for Kobe & Bird, spend 3-4 million for Jordan, spend 1.5 million for Magic, and lock in 2 million for Kareem.

On an unrelated topic, how do you guys think the super OD Giannis will be released?