Cosmic PROMO - Opal Harden, Vince, Dirk, PD AK47


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Hope they juice and change AK sigs / speed up shot.

One of my all time favs.

Would love to get Harden and AK47

Players are up on 2kdb.

Not enough D except AK47

Super juiced the opals. You can easily give them defensive badges.

Can you or someone tell me when LNY challenges expire?

Some already expired and the ones left have 2 days and 15h on the timer.

I pulled dirk and man is he cheesy lol. Moves like a SG and might be the fastest release in the game.

What will his price be on PS4 you think?

Ok these guys are way out of my league. Good that we can finally use our badges though.

Is dirk finally usable in myteam? Every single year, hes too slow to be a 4. Cant keep up defensively on the perimeter. Can’t ever rim protect or hold a boxout against stronger 5s.

Ive used dirk for years so i understand hes never been great at these things, but you can’t even dominate offensively since everyone has HOF defensive badges anyway.

Hes an absolute menace on PNO, but hes nothing more than a situational stretch 5 every single year in myteam.

For those that have the Opal, please tell me I’m wrong, but i remember being stoked when i got the superhero Dirk back in 2k20 with that Phil Jackson/Popovich collection, and he still sucked.

Hope this drops the price of other opals and high priced pd’s like DRob

I literally just need the last bottom right corner of LNY, completed the last challenge literally when there was 4 minutes left :sob:

If you remember that SG Dirk from one of the previous 2Ks, he was busted

Not sure if everyone tried AK47, but he is really great. I am not the best shooter, but he is one of 3 players I can consistently hit a 3 even at all star level (others are Artest and Howell). His defense is also top notch. Definitely a steal at this point of the game.
I am also surprised how much I like Towns. Got him with a free pack for the challenge.

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