Corona Virus (COVID-19) has exploded to 60,000 cases in the US

Corona Virus (COVID-19) has exploded to 60,000 cases in the US

Ok y’all here’s another Corona Virus thread. This time , here’s a few rules for this thread.

  1. No Politics, if you guys have a political argument go to the DM’s and discuss about it or I will ask the mods like @NoCoJake with his Corona Virus Thread to lock this thread.

  2. Keep this topic solely on Corona Virus, I don’t people to be spamming weird stuff on here, this thread is meant to be serious!

  3. Let’s keep this informative everyone, you can talk about the Administration’s actions, but if it gets heated any further, GO TO THE DM’S!

Note: Apparently Corona has caused more deaths worldwide than Ebola has.


I think you should ask mods to even open this thread back up

Nah let someone else have their notifications blow up with guys arguing off topic subjects


True, it’s up to the mods and that’s their decision. I’ll have no problem with it.

But, I feel Corona Virus has become too big to ignore (if it wasn’t already) to not have a thread about it on 2KG

Don’t worry bro, I’m taking the hit for you

Only thing to fear is fear itself. There’s no cure, doctors tell you to stay in bed and let your immune system do it’s thing. We just have to isolate ourselves and let it blow over. There’s not much more to say on it imo. The media is probably in euphoria over this



Thank you for starting a new thread. The last one got derailed quick. Good time to remind people of social distancing and staying at home. Wash your hands and protect your loved ones.

For those who are still non-believers and still think this is no worse than the flu or auto accidents, keep an eye out for New York in the next 1.5 weeks. It’s going to get ugly. A close friend is an intensivist in Manhattan and he says they are already overwhelmed and it’s not even close to peaking yet.

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Also, I live in New York City. I’m not being cavalier, just staying calm

No problem, I feel like this one was needed

Oh yeah, I’ve just checked with some world data rn regarding with the virus and oh my, we could be hitting 40k+ deaths next week worldwide. The death count exploded out of nowhere compared to last week

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I got an email from my supervisor 2 days ago telling me that our job is “Essential Services”. So I don’t get no quarantine, they’re sending us out business as usual. :man_facepalming:t3:

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Damn bro, this sucks.

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Oh yeah here’s a thing for the University students here, are y’all still in school rn?

I’m about to be done in a few weeks

I have faith in the world’s best minds, and developments and advances for better potential treatment and precautions are coming out each day.

I don’t see this lasting another 6 months like some.

jesus new york is blowing up. this means it was spreading well before quarantine/social distancing started


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I know, that’s what crazy, I’m sure now that we have at least a million with Corona (or will get it at some point) if NYC is getting cases like crazy

I mean, it makes sense. You take the most traveled-to, highest & densest populated city, most diverse demographic area, in our and it was only a matter of time before it bloomed. Besides Washington (that guy from WuHan fucked that state), look at the others towards the top of the list.

NJ — a lot of commuters from NYC, literally across the river. California — just a state removed from Washington and is extremely populous.

Besides Washington, that’s kind of what I expected the list to look like.

You can guess, but you can’t be sure. That’s essentially saying that the number of true-carriers is 30x the number of confirmed cases.

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That’s only people getting tested. There are tons with minimal to no symptoms, or people with mild symptoms not being tested due to availability. I just hope their efforts were not too little too late. I don’t think it will get as bad as northern Italy because of the demographic differences, but the number of cases is now mirroring growth of Lombardy, which saw 500+ deaths a day.

True, it’s just my gut feeling at this point.

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