Convince me why 11-1is better than 12-0 MTU

For 12-0 you get 5 extra tokens, 5000 extra MT, and another 1500 MT for selling Finley back

For 11-1 you get an amethyst throwback (at least from what I’ve seen) and unless you get lucky with a jr smith or hedo, you are selling them back for 5-10k?

Or am I missing something ?

I think the minimum of amy throwback rn is 10-15K.

However if you are going for rewards +5 tokens is better IMO

I wish I was in the position to worry which one to choose.

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5k is almost as much as 6.5k (plus hypothetical 5k for Tokens) and that is the bare minimum, you can also pack a Diamond or better and you save yourself half an Hour (probably even more since you can continue playing after you lost like in Game 7)

I got luol deng which sold for 5k and elvin hayes or something that sold for 8k, I’m only going for 12-0 now unless somebody has pulled a Granger or something like that

And yes I’m trying to collect tokens too

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Yeah I’ll go 12-0 too I will grind slowly for tokens.
Unless ofcourse someone will pull a diamond.

I could also exchange 15 tokens for a throwback elite pack if the token market offers.

Maybe that has a higher chance of a diamond.

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Yer I understand the rewards are pretty similar but I’ve seen a lot of posts on here that 11-1 is better than 12-0 but I don’t really see it.
I haven’t heard of anyone pulling a diamond reward I don’t think either

I was lucky to get a 28k korver but before that i had a 6k card. My tokens building up quicker tho. Ive been getting like 5 tokens a game of tto but i only play it maybe once or twice a day. Its only because i play it leas im getting good boards lol

25 tokens is nice lump sum, and today I reckon I only might have played like 4 full games out of 12, which was good but I might have to try this TTO out. The only issue is that I sold most of my good players to get Wilt and now I bought most of them back but I’m missing diamond contracts which is pretty essential for tto

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Yeah im in the same boat about the diamond contracts but if i run oscar/melo and giannis with the contracts, i should be good for a long time.

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