Convince me Opal LBJ is worth it. Finally have enough to buy him

I finally have enough mt for LBJ… I sold evo ben Simmons for 740k and opal Hedo for 240k, and now I can pick up the card. The card art is OP and I’m kinda down to build a team around him. For those that do have him, how is he?

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Did you like the PD

Lol bro I’m in the same boat. I made enough MT to pick him up but I can’t get myself to do it


He’s Lebron James.


Never picked up his PD because I didn’t like the card art lol

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But it’s also 1.7 mil MT

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somehow better than 19’s Reward 99 Opal Bron

He’s the best card in the game to me. Shots easy to green. Only better card will be a perfect lebron.

bruh his layup animations and dunks are hard to contest let alone block

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One of, if not, the best cards in the game but no card is worth 1.7m. Period

its your MT at the end of the day so my opinion dont really mean shit

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nah don’t put 1.7M into one card if that’s all ur MT.

this Bron’s good and all but he’s not worth being broke for


Ben Wallace tho


Great point

I would go mt broke but I have a full team. I sold Ben Simmons and hedo because I wanted someone new. If I pick up lbj, the only card I would need is a budget bench pf

But I’ll have opal tmac, melo, Blake and Kareem. Pretty big starting 5. There can only be 1 Ben Wallace haha

Opal Glen Rice

You sold two end game level pg to pick up another…

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Lol unless he can fly and hover over everyone.

It’s impossible to lie like that xD

I pulled hedo in a singles pack and never intended to run him on my end game squad unfortunately. Dope card don’t get me wrong, but hedo just isn’t one of my top players irl. I sold Ben because he was going for so much and figured I could grab him back if I missed him. I evoed him and that grind was personal so was a tough choice. This LBJ card looks pretty perfect though. I dno, I’m trying to justify a 1.7 mil purchase. That’s insane and I know it.