I got 2 questions:

  1. What is the off ball freelance mode? ( what’s better: absolute or camera relative)
  2. What is the best pass target settings?
    ( how much % u put on each of the 3 options?)
    P.s : for pro stick orientation and defense i use absolute
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Looking for good pass settings too

Most of the tome i use icon passing but when i wanna make a super fast pass it never goes to the correct person

Edit- I go CAMERA RELATIVE (sorry caps, posted it wrong at first) offball freelance and 98% direction (full) on passing.

And offball means while controlling an offball defender, so hands up in the passing lanes, boxing out, etc.

Absolute and full receiver control for handoff passes so I can troll offballers.

I also change some controls.

R1 turbo
L1 postup/intense D
R2 icon pass
L2 call plays

Since icon pass for center is on L1, much more natural for me to have the icon pas menu on the other side.

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That’s interesting.

What does full receiver control do ? I never understood this

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Basically, when you press O/B and hold it, you stop controlling the player with the ball.
By default it’s just a handoff pass, as in another player runs up to the player with the ball and gets it.

But if you switch to full receiver control, you take control of that off-ball player.
You use left analog stick to move him.

For example, in TTO you can always score an easy 3pt off the inbound with this.
Press O/B and hold it and just run around the inbounder with one of the two players on the wings.
Since your opponent can’t control anything, matchup of that off-ball player you’re controlling always gets stuck on the inbounder and you always have an open 3pt on the wing, or you can just cut towards the basket for a free dunk.

It’s great against off-ballers in general because they never pay attention.
Use it to take control of their off-ball matchup and just cut towards the basket with him. They’re always too slow to react because they’re just watching the ball.


I use full reciver control i. It’s basically u can control the movement of the player u passing to as long as u keep pressing the pass button

That’s better for but unfortunately I already got used to 2k dump stupid default buttons settings lol

  • for sure…

My full receiver controls continually reset themselves? Is their any trick to leave the setting on permanently?

Don’t change controller settings mid-game, then they reset.

Change them in main menu.

The Main Main Menu? Not the my team menu?

Either the main menu in settings or myteam main menu settings.
Same thing.
As long as it’s not in game menu.