Contesting layups

I’m just curious to how you guys are contesting layups. It seems like it’s an unblockable animation or a foul. Is it just a matter of luck, or do I need to work on my positioning? Square is such a powerful button this year on both ends, but I’m just wondering how you guys are defending inside

Use the pro stick but positioning is key. They slide through sometimes but that’s just usual 2K making their players rage.


There are certain animations you can trigger to almost guarantee a layup, so just make sure you have good positioning.

Rim protector, d stopper, hands up.

Tim has those on Hof. I was facing a Conley who was drawing at will against him. It feels like they take the controller out of your hands during drives at times. I’m fine with that against elite slashers, but not Conley

Amy Conley?

Just let it happen lol


90 draw foul

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