Content we could be seeing this week (link inside)

Now, aside from the obvious moments we could be getting, he focuses on the possible promo/2KA card we could be seeing and he makes a good point with “stat stuffers” and makes a case for Magic. You obviously could make a case for Giannis as well. Regardless, I think this week is going to be a very, very dope week for content.


Looks like I’m going to sell some cards, in case Magic drops

I can’t stand this guy richy


I’d love to upgrade Shaq. Magic would be amazing as well but that price tag could be steep. Only thing that saves him is the lack of a 3 ball. Then he could be reasonable. Honestly it’s how he should be. That way those who know how to play the post can use him effectively and as a playmaker aka the way he should be used

That’s how I use Oscar. Dude kills down low. And dunks all over people. Passing is ridiculous too.

This video is aids bc it’s pure speculation.

Good ideas but to be fair he knows just as much as we do, I think it’s gonna be be magic too but instead they’ll give us diamond Byron Scott and Mychal Thompson.

Why do you use aids to describe everything that you dislike?


Because it’s aids.

I’m sorry if someone you know has aids, but that’s the word I use to describe whack shit.




Does the guy in the video actually have inside information? Or is he just like any of us in this forum, speculating what it might be?

He has no inside information

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Magic + Oscar = Postmalone

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It’s not a bad video, it’s his opinion and his video. I think we can all safely assume some moments content tomorrow and possibly throughtout the week hopefully an anniversary promo, I love how he said open up your lock safe, lol especially if it’s anniversary .

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Magic+Oscar = post office

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He does have inside information from what I know. In his live-streams on twitch he hinted at some laker players getting new cards and we should be ready with the most amount of my as possible.

I have a good friend who died of AIDS related complications last year.

But I don’t need to know someone who died of that disease in order to not use it as a generic pejorative.

Same thing with “cancer.” Same thing with “autistic.” Or “retarded.”

I don’t need to be gay, or know someone who’s gay, to know that it’s whack to use “faggot” as a generic pejorative.


All I want is a Jimmy Butler amethyst moments. And if it’s stat stuffers, give my man Ben Simmons an amy while you’re at it.

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Harry Luther King :crown: Handi, Harry Mandela

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i respect your opinion but there’s a major major gulf between calling someone a retard or a faggot and saying something is aids.

But if you can find the clause in the ToS that AIDS is a banned or offensive word, not due to your private interpretation of it, I will stop using it on this forum.

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Something about Butler’s card makes his release so easy to green. I still use his Ruby at times.