Content tomorrow? 🤔

What do you guys think?

Didn’t y’all just get a giant content drop?


not one that would crash the market

Just scroll a teensy bit before creating a new thread, haha


I heard go Hakeem from someone @ 2k could be false tho

This. We’ve already got like 3-4 topics on the new spotlights. Don’t need to spam this too.


We want Spotlight Sim 2 there many players hasn’t upgrade

Man if madden got 3 days worth of bullshit to do and someone asked THE SAME DAY if we getting content, they’d be slapped up side the head


Well the only reason this question is valid is because people don’t have to spend money to get these cards. 2k wants their payday money. I definitely see where you’re coming from though.

The question stems from knowing how money hungry 2k is.

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Packs/cards do not equal content to me.

Content are things to play For, which this seems to be.

2k got y’all fooled with what counts as content


I definitely agree. Today was a huge content drop for sure, but it did nothing for the whales I’m more of a baby dolphin😂

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Whales have ruined this game. I contributed to this myself for many years.

2k is a lazy company who thinks card art and variance in stats is enough to make people play. And they were right.

Madden promos aren’t just new boxes, they’re entire journeys that play thru scenarios and historic moments for free shit.

2k could do this too but why should they?

If I ran 2k I’d first fire ronny, then promote @element to Vice President


Cards are not content. It’s assets already on the disc accessible in other modes. They are literally printing money moving around numbers on a spreadsheet.

While I agree that Madden handles content waaaaaay better than 2k, their gameplay is just as shitty at times.

Same with the show and not rewarding these insanely good hitters that can square up damn near anything. But again, they handle content waaaaaay better than 2k (played show 19)

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Maddens gameplay is shitty sometimes yes, I agree. This year was pinch buck and stretch abuse.

Also, MLB gets off on trying to be realistic. The best players last year only hit as a team like .350 which is as good as an elite hitter.

As much as I’d love to mash the ball better and be rewarded more, in an effort to be more realistic I can see why there’s not 100 homers hit a game.

Also if you’re playing the show come join our thread if you haven’t already.

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Haven’t decided if I want to buy show 20 yet. I’ll definitely give you guys a toilet scroll though!

Only post during a push

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If I’m not typing and grunting at the same time, then I’ve got this life thing all messed up!


@Petravork @VinnQuinn funny how this thread ended up. I’m just waiting for packs so that it crashes the market

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This is what all duplicate threads should turn into :innocent: