Content tomorrow predictions?

what promo, and what kind of players do we see? i think there is a bosh or odom, but it could be a new flash or prime

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Hopefully a full Promo.

Will most likely be Flash or Buzzer Beater though.

Hoping for Opal Shaq, Opal Giannis, Opal Kawhi, Opal Bron, Opal Odom or Diamond/PD Petrie atleast 1 would be great.


I predict at least one current player will get a GO tomorrow.

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I would like an opal paul george that can play the 2 to be honest


Definitely Shaq. A new SG as well.

Maybe Flash with Shaq Glitched (no PG but 80-85 three) and Opal Odom?

I think it’s still too soon since the PD for Paul George.

Glitched Opal Odom with PG/PF


SG Kawhi please


Tomorrow will most likely be Flash packs. Hopefully we get an Opal glitched PG that has the necessary dribbling badges.

Probably a flash with opal giannis pg

The pd was an awesome card but its awesomeness expired since the release of scalabrine. We need an opal soon. If not paul george then kawhi leonard would do. Or a an opal mitch richmond with juiced offensive n defensive badges, strength and an awesome release. Mitch deserves an awesome top tier opal card

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There will be an Opal Center so good that GO Wilt will look like Bronze Miles Plumlee.

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i hope they drop a trailer w/ LeBron or Giannis or something so everything tanks


@Carlo221 said we are getting glitched packs

Yeap. But not yet. I dont think next drop will be a Center. We had so many recently

Glitched Superpacks? If that so its the end of glitched era…

They always outclass their rewards tho… Aren’t they just itching to do it again?

Technically Bol Bol is better than Wilt already, so I guess there’s that.

Personally, I would LOVE Opal PG/PF Odom. I’m so damn bored of Giannis.

GO Giannis that’s center eligible. :thinking:

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This is the general rule. But we had 2 exceptions recently. DrJ and Worthy. They are top cards both of them. And Wilt is good as well. Although i am still learning him but he seems a good card.

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