Content this week

Seems like week is pretty mysterious so far. No guarantee of a final promo, possible Signature Series? Is Playoff Throwbacks over? Will they expedite the final KG Anniversary card so it doesn’t end much later than the Finals?

What do you guys think is coming this week and on what days?




I think its safe to assume we get a new promo pack. They tend to drop one a month the 1st or 2nd week.


promo week.


well finals might end tonight so its hard to say. hopefully we get a lot more content still and codes even into the summer…

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People gonna need a LOT of MT for that, wonder where they can get it :smirk:

I’ve been sniping and made about 150k or so in the past 2 days. i missed a couple snipes though for opals last night and pd kd (96) for 36k the other day…

Shaq please give Marcus Smart his Jersey back


Shaqus Smart

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2016 opal lebron

Marquille O’ Smart

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I nailed my prediction of Arenas, Hedo , and Moses last week. All of those guys were on my short list.

This week is either opal vince or opal wade for sure along with one other legend we don’t have an opal for yet. Outside chance at Tmac.

Thursday/Friday I think we get a promo. Small chance at signature Lebron. Expect new cards for AD, Tatum, Jokic, Embiid, Lillard, Westbrick at some point


*Shaqus Smaht

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100% new promo filled with godly cards and a new OP Opal set reward.

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Yeah that playoff performers seemed right…seemed like they saved a bunch of cards to do it

We should be ready for it guys. I’m sure they will get RIPPED like no other

Or, they are gonna drag out Signature Series all summer long and make us wait for those cards. That’s what I’d probably do if I was 2K.

I think 5 separate pack drops just featuring one player makes them WAY more money than one pack with all of them. Even as the player base dwindles post-Finals. Hype wears off fast for packs.

I hope its a promo with all of these guys but I have a hunch they’re gonna drag things out this year.

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For some reason I’m not in rush. So many cards already. I’m working hard on my game. Having a good time. I was gonna quit 2 months ago. I’m in it man. Pre release gang

Hole the finals doesn’t end yet!!