Content release is slow AF. Yay or Nay?

Do you feel like content release is way to slow, or is it fine as it is ?

Bit slow

Slow and underwhelming.


It’s very inconsistent. We never know when or if we’re getting something.

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Seems fine to me. People only call it content when it’s top tier popular cards is all.

Content around all star weekend is always fire tho I’m hype for that


Its slow but better then last year. There were weeks with no content

They should make pack drops 5 days instead of a week.

I agree with it being inconsistent. Last week we had Signature Roy, Throwbacks, and Moments and people were still complaining lol

Content is just bad imo. Some players get real rating while some get imaginary ratings ak-47 hedo etc… Moments are just horrendous and pretty much the same bunch of players every couple weeks or so. 20th anny cards killing the content imo. Its good in theory but affects the moments and throwback packs too harshly.


We’ve had 3 theme packs in 5 months lol. The 3 pack rewards have also been awful, which sucks for me since I love rare cards.

This year has been awful on releases. Not feeling this “signature releases” or the historic coming with a throwback player like in 2k17. The only historic player I legitimately love is the new Payton.

Also, knowing which players we will not get anytime soon because they are in the 20anniversary packs blows.

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Terribly slow and ALL of the promos have been terrible outside of the Anniversary cards and Sig cards. Moments have been terrible they just release too late sometimes.

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Agreed. Wish they dropped 4-5 moments every few days. Instead of batches to “make up” for slow releases.

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The card realeases have been somewhat fine. The lack of content is from lack of game modes and challenges imo. If we had challenges and game modes that required us to use sapphires, Ruby’s, etc or even 10 players from a certain team then less of these cards would be dust sitting in our collections.

The moments challenges were a good start but they are way too easy and don’t come often enough.


Lol that’s a whole other issue, unrealistic ratings. Don’t get me started there

If 2k would just use the actual ratings they have in the real roster we all good lol. Just a little juicing here and there but not much else. Hedo has 78 bc in real roster he wasnt out there snapping ankles why is he getting pg level ball handling?


This day in history cards are veeeery realistic cuz they are free :grin:

This year you are paying for height and base lol. The mode is beyond arcady. Not to mention gameplay is on allstar smh. Players who were dominant irl are irrelevant at a high level because their jumpshot is slow… 2k17 and prior were the best. This year its getting out of hand


We getting new cards every week its enough for me. Game will be dead for me if they listen to the community and give for example Harden 23 moments cards already.

The quality of the content is the bigger problem for me. Cards still not real. Harden irl is slow and not a dunker for example.


At least they started promos strong! Oh wait