Content predictions this week?

What we feeling? Anniversary, moments, maybe a promo, TB Elites?

You are both soooo addicted :grimacing: @marekdab

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theres 99.99% chance that we will get Larry Bird this week

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I will chill the fuck out when I have GO Giannis…:


Yea then KD :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:

Enjoy cpu games and online Matchup screen quits lol

how far u are from him?


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Farther than me for sure.

How close are you?

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Closer than @element

It could be KD and Bird on Patricks Day, something like that.

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How much do you think bird will go for ?

Lebron this week bird on 14 march … weekend st patrick day fax

Depends on badges, he should be quite less than KD.

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NIce hope to scoop
And hear alot of magic to bird

Me too; until 2k20 lol

Doesn’t even matter about Anniversary packs, because we know that them super packs are coming. I’m just gonna sell all of the Anniversary 2 cards before the last card for the set is about to drop. Question is which player gets put in the corner of the board this time for the ball drop, Kobe, or KD? LeBron will be the last card to drop like MJ was.


Ya I’m thinking to wait till super packs to grab

But if bird is cheap enough will scoop

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