Content predictions for tomorrow

lets see if we can what we will get tomorrow

Could be anything

Final Idols 2 set or Retro 4 is my guess

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i think we see retro

Lebron PG or PG that can play SG.


Edit: actually probably Idols II and then Superpacks next week

It’s one of three things:

Flash 9 (least likely)

Retro 4 (2nd-most likely)

Final IDOLS II Set w/ lock-in (most likely)

Any of these 3 are possible, but give me IDOLS


Idols dm Paul George probably

Man I didn’t touch the game last time idols came out. Hopefully it’s better

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I’m guessing Retro. I say that because I don’t want to spend any more money on the game but I’m a sucker for collecting all the Retros.

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This card, man :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I loved that Prime Series III LeBron from last year

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2k NEEDS to give us a better Tim Duncan


Hopefully idols

what you want idols

Yeah I want to lock in idols 2 and idols drops always have insane cards

why would you lock in for a card

I mean Bosh was the only worthwhile card from the last drop, really…

Idols Pippen PG/SF

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