Content Prediction


Damn. Real nice. Who made this? This is super clean.

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He puts his nick in the center of the pic


Oh thnx. Missed that, it’s the same color as the jersey.

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Thought it was DITQ15 for so long

Thats my Point Guard

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Rather have him SG/SF or SG/PG

It’ll absolutely be Buzzer Beaters, today

If they hit us with Flash packs I’ll be pleasantly surprised, though

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Is this content prediction for Friday’s content?

I’m expecting buzzer beaters as well since they haven’t given one since the Tatum.

Yep, and they usually give them out once every two weeks, it makes sense

Opal Lillard probably incoming, I reckon

Lol that’s what we say every week and it doesn’t happen.

We said that about Tatum/Kawhi too and we got them eventually

It’s finally Dame time, I reckon

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My nightmare :face_with_thermometer:

KD gonna be a top 3 card. Bet he gets glitchiest packages