Content Prediction Megathread:

Post content predictions in here from now on including the next 2K.
We cannot keep making these threads any longer( I sound like a hypocrite because I am making this one but this is just to help make no more of these threads please and thank you). Use this from now on please

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We now officially have too many content prediction megathreads


Thank you for your contribution to the fight against spam.

I predict 2K will drag shit out and disrespect the playerbase with VC only supers and dogshit locker codes.


I’m so triggered man


Not getting on you Daniel it’s just like… I was cool with all the threads at first and didn’t give a fuck but Jesus Christmas these shits have gotten annoying over the past 2 and

Edit - I feel like everyone who makes multiple threads on existing topics is just trying to raise their respect here and add likes to their counter for attention. Just my take on it (again, not you Daniel)


If we do then idk what to say but can we please just use this from now on…

These threads are ridiculous and we need one giant thread please.

What? No clickbait title?

@element has 16 minutes until we show up at his house with pitchforks if there are no new Duos/Evos

My bad man. I didn’t see a megathread and I just wanted to try and make it easier so that way people will stop posting…

Can we made another one for tomorrow content, the prediction of tomorrow content, and the blame against the prediction of tomorrow content? :eyes:


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Its not going to be a clickbait title. I just want to make this so we can get rid of the unnecessary threads for content predictions.

Maybe this one is but I’d rather have one so we can stop the threads. They get outta hand

We could ask for a mod sticky on this, or a topic they make and just have em delete any new ones that pop up.

Just my opinion /shrug

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I’m not getting on you specifically

You’ve been here a long time you know better

I’m talking about the same couple people trying to MAKE THREAD MAKE THREAD MAKE THREAD while the iron is not

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That’s what I was thinking as well. And if we could, use this for future 2K’s as well that would work best as well

I don’t know where to look to be updated. Mind crash before the market one :face_with_thermometer:

Please, stick to one thread.

These remind me 2K’s superpacs

Yeah, threads have like a what, 10k? 100k reply limit? Would last for a bit till we needed a new one.

I’ll admit I’ve made some in the past but I know that this could be annoying. I just thought this could help with the constant threads.

I made this because I too am getting annoyed of these threads and thought this would help

Damn. Well idk. As long as there’s a way to delete the old comments idk lol.

But its best we have one imo to make it easier for us to just look at or comment on for predictions