Content Monday?

Last week we’ve got some buzzer beater pack on Monday, so this week probably some Flash pack??? Any prediction for it?

I feel like we might get at least one of the following:

GO Danny Granger
GO Antawn Jamison
GO Antoine Walker
GO Bosh


Opal Arenas I can feel it

I’ve never been right though, so…

Pink diamond/GO J.R smith

This man said Antoine Walker I’m dead

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If it isn’t a GO Ben Wallace it’s an L no matter what

Yes sir you’re right

I would love a Galaxy Opal Mitch Richmond :wink:


Mans taking notes so he can tickle your ass

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A shooting guard would be nice, Kawhi or PG


A big man with 75-80 3 ball so I can have the 500k mt I’m sitting on in shoes

Yeah, Ben Wallace in a Cavs jersey :joy:

But you’re right about being never right? So you are right sometimes? So you’re not right about never being right? I’m confused.

Hope its none of the players listed, getting tired of the same players just with updated borders.

More new sleepers like Dino Radja would be great.

A better rip hamilton i hope

I’d love a SG to crash Tmac, I watched the game against arenas yesterday where he dropped his career high

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We need a damn Opal Ginobili with HOF Clamps and 95 driving dunk. Absolutely disrespectful to have some of these dick bag Opals like Bol and Tacko, but my man Manu is still missing.


Don’t think he’s in the game this year.

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Well, why the hell not? Fix that shit.

Ok, I’ll get right on it