Content lately

I’m feeling with the implementation of the new TTOnline, along with some big name player drops like Kareem spotlight, 2K has actually redeemed themselves…kinda

If they drop a patch that sorts the horrid online gameplay out, this game might actually be enjoyable come 2020.

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I’ve really been enjoying the content they’ve been dropping. It’s been a huge turn around compared to when they were just re-releasing token cards.

I feel the gameplay would be the most important thing. I’m sure they have most of the template of content releases planned out at the beginning of the year and always have years and years to copy.

Everything but the gameplay (which I can tolerate at times) is great this year imo


True, but it almost feels like they are making it up as they go…like they will do a patch to address 3pt shooting, then drop a PG or SG with range. With this Kareem drop they might address post defense, then around Christmas they’ll drop a Tmac or something and nerf on ball D so he can just blow by everyone and dunk on their head

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you’re right they do seem to be keeping most folk on their toes about it

Position locks are the greatest individual addition to any MyTeam I have no idea how they went so long without it. That alone has made this a top tier MyTeam imo


I really hope this spotlight reward is worth it


100% agree.

Im hoping for a decent pd point guard
But since oscar and payton is most likely on the set. I dont know what to expect.

They havent unless they fix extend pressure.

They can put chemistry , like in FIFA sort of

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