Contemplating on which GO to choose?

Take this into consideration:

2K19 was put on shelves on September 7th. We already had GO Wilt in the game.

January 11th, 2019 is when GO Worthy is placed as the 2nd reward.

That’s 4 months you would have to wait. That’s if they’re consistent. Remember this if you’re thinking about waiting. You might be able to have enough tokens by the time the next one comes out.

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Yeah, I waited for a week thinking they’ll do a monthy GO release after that reward was updated to 3k tokens.
Lost my patience today and redeemed Worthy.

Got them both, no regrets. Two best cards in the game.


My man! There will be nothing else.

With a 3,000 token reward as the completionist reward? There will be at least one more.

EDIT: that came off as being a dick, lol sorry @marekdab

I’m basically selling every 2-5 position card that’s worth over 30k.
Kept new Magic and Payton.
Planning to lock anniv2 set. With level rewards, that’s pretty much it for the year.

It’s all good. I know people predict another reward, but I don’t think so. They just changed the reward, because 75 tokens was absurd.

The question is why you make it 3000 instead of 1500? or 1000… to open token packs ? :grin: 1 or 2 more will be added when sales are down so u can buy all those u haven’t before. It’s not a gift it’s marketing strategy.

I can’t find it but a 2k dev pretty much confirmed on twitter that we will get more go/pd token rewards

Pd too? Nice. I might just never redeem Stockton unless I have to

@Markant420 Of course not.

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Cop Boffum

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Thanks for the link, but this is in reference to others waiting to see what the next GO reward is.

Think about this… With GO Blake coming, Worthy might be a nice guy to defend him with

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If someone unlocked GO Blake you’ll probably have to gameplan for everyone it took to get GO Blake lol

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