Contact Customer Support!

2k just gave me 12 free deluxe packs because I got spotlight isiah Thomas players instead of Dwight Howard players. If this happened to you just contact them and the should comp you.
Edit: I got them on Friday when packs first dropped

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Some of these guys are idiot’s. Let’s see how long they drag out before they give me my shit.

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I remember messaging them when guaranteed heat check packs didn’t give me heat check cards and those stubborn bastards wouldn’t hear it. Played a big part in why I stopped playing this trash ass game

I’m bout to request a supervisor, shit makes no sense.

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Did you get anything good? I wonder if they intentionally put like 1 juiced pack in there

Yo fuck 2k lol

That’s what’s I thought too lol but I didn’t get anything above a ruby. Still dope to get free packs tho


Clearly peeps are abusing this “generosity” by 2k . And it seems like they think you are crying “WOLF” .

Yea man I’m over it honestly lol

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It’s not worth it at all, it just feels their customer service is geared towards the people who have hermit level patience. That’s part of the plan I think

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stop spending already! :slight_smile:

They replied to me two days ago saying that the packs should be reimburst on your account. Logged in and there was no packs to be seen. Still waiting on another response. 2k are a joke

Nah I dont spend and VC. I usually open 4-6 packs with MT since I got it. It’s not a big deal but I jus wanted what I paid for

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what did u say exactly? I opened one pack and stopped. not sure if it’s worth my rage

“I opened the Dwight Howard spotlight guaranteed packs when they first released on friday however I was receiving Spotlight Isaiah Thomas players instead.”

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I got zeke spotlight player also from Dwights pack. Did not contact support and as a reward I got 0 dmg on my mental health and no generic 2k support reply. Best decision of this year.

You didn’t spend VC, that’s why they won’t comp u lol

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Neither did I