Constant fouling in MTU

Anyone else getting this a lot this month? Opponents just constantly fouling you… And I’m not talking about shooting fouls, but personal fouls when I get an opening for a fast break or attempt to dribble past them. Not gonna lie it’s annoying as fuck. Not ranting because I’ve lost cause I’m pretty sure I’ve beat everyone who has been abusing it so far but it just makes the game so boring and ruins the flow. Seems like some of these people have the square button taped down. Are people really that desperate to go 12-0?

Spamming steal lol


Oh, it’s uncanny. Fastbreak, foul. Drive and try to dish to the open man, foul.

The game clearly knows when there’s a potential scoring attempt and stops it with a foul. I think it’s 2K, not the opponent.


I usually don’t spam the steal button I’ll try to time the dribble and press once, but sometimes I’ll get called for the foul

Nothing super crazy though

That makes sense yeah and it wouldn’t surprise me either, but the guy I just played clearly kept doing it on purpose. I literally couldn’t get anything flowing. Just makes the game super stale when I get fouled twice in the same posession. lol.

Nah don’t get me wrong of couse I’ll press steal if I feel I have an opportunity for a steal, and sometimes that’ll result in a foul. But just spamming the damn button to run the clock seems pretty desperate to me haha.

Yeah I played 3 mtu games today and won all of em but I did notice that they would foul randomly. Didn’t care that much because it is free points

Some people are really good about fouling to prevent scores.


Just hold L2 dribbling up court and keep letting those idiots foul you. You get into the bonus. Easy 2 points.

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Steal spammers will hang themselves

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People using square to steal.


True just think it’s kinda boring. Much rather just play my game but yeah at the end of the day they’re only putting themselves at a disadvantage.

Playing other users sucks. The 2k community is toxic as hell and full of try hards.

With the rosters and sliders out there try a Myleague much better than MTU.


Its been this way all year

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Alot of park players ive notived lately playing my team. Off dribble 3’s, constant screens and base 8 or 11 players. The stealing must be turned down in park. I was down by 30 one game (which never happems) with a guy going 12/13 with redd, with the worse lag. He ended up fouling out and me getting the win lol

Idk there was Twitch Rivals tournament recently so maybe some of the park viewers moved over to MT to play.

Now that you mention fouling out I actually think that’s what happened to the guy I played before making this post. He randomly quit out when I was only up by 3, it just happened so fast I didn’t actually see if he fouled me or not lol.

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Yeah it was like mid 3rd quarter and was up by 5 or so and he started spamming

Constant fouling and spamming square is lack of knowledge of defense or frustration. I don’t get annoyed I actually laugh inside.

I’m not too sure but I believe when your player fouls some of his attributes go down like he’s getting cold and vice versa for the person he fouled. Not confirmed and sure abut that