[CONSPIRACY] Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself? Or was he murdered?!

Dude was on 24/7 suicide watch, also had info on some higher up ppl involved in particular criminal acts.

What do you guys think?

cLiNtOn KiLlEd HiM

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Bill Clinton and rape Island look it up, epstein would have sntiched on many powerful people if this went to court.


In before lock.
In my guess, he was murdered or intimidated into killing himself. Throughout human history power has always lead certain people to ignore what’s right and wrong and indulge in complete debauchery.

I’ve read suicide watch includes constant video surveillance, 15 min interval checking, padded walls, no objects, and a gown that is designed to tear. But I am not an expert or have ever been on suicide watch. There are some noteable names that are accused of, alledgedly, eithe, raping a minor, rape, or molestation, including heads of state, royalty, billionaires, celebrities, and even noteable scientists. There doesn’t seem to be a political comminality other than power and wealth.

True or false, it is sad to see direct victims of epstein not see the man recieve actual justice, and the procedures and people in charge of his suicide watch should absolutely be scruitnized and punished if possible.



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Now they’re saying he was taken off suicide watch a few days ago

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Well, he either committed a suicide or a “suicide”.

If it was a suicide, then everyone who was supposed to be watching him should be fired for incompetence.
People on suicide watch literally can’t kill themselves because they’re constantly supervised and everything in their room is set up in a way to prevent them from committing suicide.

If it was a “suicide”, then everyone who was supposed to be watching him should be fired and then trialed.


The question is, how did he die?

His family could probably sue if he was on suicide watch, and ask for tapes to be released but now they’re saying he was taken off suicide watch 6 days ago.

Crooked Bill and Killary had him whacked.

The dude simply had too much information. If names got out that were part of his pedophile ring, shit would hit the fan.


Most def bro

Also the cameras were not “working” and the guards were told to leave early hmmmm

Are they saying he was still on suicide watch. New York Times said he got moved lol

Where ever he was being held at the cameras fucked up and missed him

All i know is a bunch of high powered pedos benefits from his death which is very sickening


Yea once I saw he was getting beaten up I knew he was going to talk or die.
Clinton’s had a lot of ppl die around them

Justice is dead in America. Nothing new to see here.


It all reeks like a cover up. Shady shit

The security camera convently malfunctioned at that exact time. All the news outlet quick to call it a sucide. Hmm


hilLaRy kILleD hIM