Congrats to whoever got this snipe earlier today

Either someone was real dumb or super generous lol


I get salty when I get off work and see all the good snipes I missed out on still up on the AH.


Saw that earlier.


Who does that?

If you don’t know about selling MT (so you don’t think you can get any real world value out of the card) why not do this if you’re done playing the game? Makes sense.

I personally would make a YouTube video of me quickselling all my best cards.

Just kidding. Depends on my mood that day.

2k would probably give you 2000 MT to quicksell that Limited Bron

So generous of them

True, it’s a nice gesture to give someone a card they’d never be able to afford otherwise. But more than likely, it’s a try hard sniper getting these and selling them back for profit.

Yep, then sell the MT and make a few hundreds bucks. Are people still buying MT??

That was last night and my boy got it . He set for the rest of the year. I wasn’t on untill I get a screenshot of the snipe.

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Bro I seen LBJ for 500 multiple times in old filters.

Multiple GO Ad for less than 2k lol.

its not the regular one on pic but the Limited

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Yeah, seeing those GOs going for 500 MT with 3:59 on the timer is goddamn frustrating.

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