Confirmed that My Team Unlimited games are set on Superstar difficulty!

This is absolutely beautiful. I’ve also found out that you CANT change your freelance offense once an online game starts in My Team. Your freelance is whatever your coach is that you’re using. The d-pad right does NOT work when playing an online game in MY TEAM.

This means that people can’t switch to 5-out modifiable offenses UNLESS they have a coach that runs that freelance.

I’m so happy that im close to tears


As long as there’s no equalizer it should be pretty easy to go 12-0 then. Those Multiplayer Moments Challenges in 2K18 were a breeze.

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Lol pls tell me the coach glitch is gone

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Play with friends can you choose?

2nd best news today

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Wow. Now its really hard to me to stay away from this game, lol.

So does 2k19 become playable this midnight?

Sounds like they did it right this year

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I planned to wait a couple of months, and till then play FIFA. Now the forum is full with good news, ehh :smiley:

fully erect


So i can’t switch between 4 out and warriors freelance in game?

Also sounds like they are moving towards favoring everything I excelled in when playing 18. Which was hard to do in 18 lol. Only thing I’ve seen to this point is playing players OOP but might not be as big of a deal

Is this supposed to stop 5 out? I thought 5 out was ran through certain plays.

I don’t believe that can be stopped unless they take those plays out.

Just wait till the stupid tube and twitter 5outers starts crying that last years playstyle aint effective… just like they turned up dunk tendencies afrer all the crybabies :confused:

Good old days… lol. SuperMax difficulty has to be superstar


Non cheesers are about to run MyTeam again!! Okay I’m back I’m going for that 250k

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Apparently the inability to switch your freelance in a My Team online game is a bug. Not sure if they will keep this, i doubt it. I do wanna be able to use multiple freelance offenses in same game.

But as long as they keep the difficulty on Superstar, im good.

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I hope so, I been wanting that option for the longest.