Confirmed Cards For Wade Spotlight Series

Amy 91 SF/PF Carmelo Anthony
Amy 90 PF/C Tim Duncan
Ruby 89 SG/PG Allen Iverson
Ruby 88 SG/SF Eddie Jones
Sapphire 86 C Shaquille O’Neal
Sapphire 85 C/PF Anderson Varejao
Gold 79 SG/SF Ray Allen
Gold 79 PF/SF Brian Grant
Gold 78 PG/SG Arron McKie


and you have to lock all those for wade right?

Iverson and Melo come to daddy. All time Nuggets team will be getting a fast start this year


These challenges really arent worth it are they? Wade is 6’4” at sg and will probably be too small to be effective, even at higher tiers, Zo has never been a great 2k player bc of size, animations, etc, and the best cards in the set are dookie, aside from Eddie Jones and maybe Shaq


Fixed it for ya bro


Nah. Wade is from the first challenge.


You need those for the challenges. Then you can sell them back I think

I thought you get Wade after completing the first challenge. Have to lock them for Zo

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Idk bruh short players might be the move this year that wade will be badged like a mfer

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SG/PG is the position

So wade is free , Zo you have to lock for?

You’ll need all of them for Zo

Isn’t the Diamond Zo the Spotlight Challenge Reward?

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No you get Zo for completing challenges

Dwade is free but need to do challenges that require those players to lock in zo

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If so Wade at PG will be nice when he’s a PD

Ok PG availability might make him pretty crazy then

Anyone else find it funny the only reason Varejao is part of the set is because of that nasty poster Wade gave him?


Oh ok well nvm to zo then I’m not locking in shit at the beginning of the year I’ll make my way to that PD serge


That is what I remember reading last week but I don’t know how accurate that info is