Confirm subglitch?

I know this thread comes up all the time but can anyone confirm 100% or disprove that it doesn’t work anymore? I’m currently being subglitched again by DAT GENT on XB1, and really don’t feel like taking an L.

Best thing to do. Record it. Threaten to report and tell them they will get banned. Most people get scared and quit

He didn’t sub glitch me, just paused it and went straight to sub menu to make it seem like he was. I got my points when I quit.

Yeah, this guy is the perfect case of a 2k rager and cancer to the community. Have multiple messages from him complaining about him getting beat. I play him today and he is destroying me so I pause the game. He accuses me of sub glitching which I have never done and do not believe works. He proceeds to waste roughly 25 minutes of his time on the pause menu instead of quitting. He posted my gamer tag on here with no proof at all because he got the win.

l2 lE V A lVl P is this fine 2k players gamertag and while he won’t waste your time on a pause menu that I know of if you beat him he will be quick to let you know your victory was illegitimate and you should not have won.

Lol back in like January when I took this game too seriously. You can’t argue that when you pause the game and go straight to the substitutions menu, that it doesn’t look suspicious. You do it purposely you said, and that just proves my point of the person you are.

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@JohnnyHimrod can confirm I talked trash way too much back during that time and since then I’ve gotten better and usually just lockup people like I did to you, causing them to subglitch and complain.

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