Completed all the spotlights ! Was a hard grind

Just finished Dwight Howard spotlight after giving up on them when it first came out but couldn’t pass up a galaxy Roy. All this talk about this card gave me the motivation to finish and complete all the spotlights. Did y’all finish all of them and how was y’all journey getting them done. Giannis was my god send card that help me in every tto and spotlight and the crazy part it was the easy spotlight. It just took alot of grinding which I do any day vs 30 rebounds or blocks.


I still have 7 Iguodala Challenges left to do. The Kidd packs are up for 8 more days, so I can finish before they expire by doing one a day.

The only challenge that I had to do multiple times was Kidd’s triple double. Once I switched to rebounds over steals, I got it on the first try.


I’ve done all of them, and no regerts


Eat a Milkyway.

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I can’t do it


I did all the 2nd series ones within the first 3 days of drop. I actually enjoy doing the spotlights. Weird right? I’ll have B Roy probably day 2

Only did the Kareem Spotlight for Giannis. Had no desire to do another.

Hope Roy is nuts for yall . 85 Challenges though can’t do it. The Kareem Spotlight was easy and it was still hell.

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I did all 4/5 out now for Roy. No regrets so far. Blake, Giannis, and RJ all make my squad so it was good for me. Also working on the Kidd and Kareem evos to get them to PDs.

I’m just sitting wondering how much this next spotlight is gonna cost. I’m thinking it will probably include two meta pink diamonds that are 200k+ and a good diamond for 100k. Hopefully 400k is enough.

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Does anyone remember how the Isiah Thomas spotlight collection was when it came out? I know Magic wasn’t a great card but was this collection much more than the others? Kinda as a “gatekeeper” to Magic

Kinda like dudes that did 99 games for Shawn Kemp

That card is historically bad. Luckily you get a shit ton of tokens.

Then you look at the token players…


Yeah an update can’t come soon enough. Some Rubies have HOF Badges and most of the PD rewards have none.

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It was surprisingly cheap, the PD’s weren’t required for the games. Harden was the gate keeper around 160k then he got his pd right after

Did you mean Giannis? Harden is from the Howard spotlight

Oh giannis wasn’t required either

Damn lol. I just know this next one is gonna be EXPENSIVE with everyone required

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For sure, i bet we get a pg for the reward plus broy. Might have to wait a few days to not lose a ton of mt

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They gotta go big for the last one. I hope its PD Giannis level reward and a great evo card.


Like @Berto said we need a PG reward. Someone that is a deadly shooter