Compiled list of New Duos

I thought it would be helpful if we could make a list of the duos, here is what is known by me so far, please feel free to contribute:

Flash Josh Smith and New Years Rondo

Opal Duncan and Opal Parker

Isiah Spotlight Rip Hamilton and multidimensional Ben Wallace

Flash Pau Gasol and Spotlight lin Marc Gasol

Showtime Shaq (boosted 3 to 94) and Prime Wade

Prime Kemp and Prime Payton

Glitch Shaq and Showtime Penny

Prime Iverson and Prime Iggy

Leap Year Rose and Showtime Butler

Showtime Lewis and Glitch Hedo

Prime Granger and Prime Opal PG

Leap Year Kyrie and OOP LBJ

GOAT MJ and Takeover Scottie

GOAT Kareem and GOAT Magic

Buzzer Beater Curry and Prime PD Durant

OOP2 Bill Russell and Glitch Ben Wallace

Glitch TMAC and Buzzer Beater Vince Carter

Throwback Larry Kenon and Prime diamond Dr J

Flash Yao and Prime Tmac

Prime Trae Young and Spotlight Lin John Collins

Buzzer Beater Paul Pierce and Frostbite Antoine Walker


Does anyone have Duncan and Parker’s upgrades stats and badges?

I would love to see them.

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If rose and Jimmy are duos, can someone share stats and badges?

Someone is testing them now, I was told Duncan got better but still no range and they didn’t boost Tony strength

Showtime Shaq and Prime Wade- boosts Shaq to 94 three

prime Kemp & GP

awesome duo boosts

2KMTCentral’s roster update pages show addition of new duos really well…

Their page links the images to the card entries. But here’s screencaps of their whole “list”:



Thank god I don’t need to keep up lol

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I need the pd wade thought I would be good with diamond/pd wade but since it also boosts up Shaqs 3 I need him

Is the Kawhi/Pascal seem worth it? I’m not going to pay 450K for Kawhi but I do want to run him. And Pascal is already a beast

It’s the pink diamond raps kawahi

They should have trios , would make TTO more interesting

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That’s a damn good idea.

PD Bron, Takeover Bosh PD Wade Trio
GO Curry, GO Durant and GO Klay Trio

I can see it now

Would playing PD D-Wade with Showtime Shaq be better overall than OPAL D-Wade with him?? I had Opal D-Wade and Showtime Shaq in my main lineup. Obviously this helps Shaq but wondering how much worse PD D-Wade would be.

Answered my own question - way too big a difference between Opal D-Wade and PD D-Wade. So annoying you can’t get a duo with the Opal.

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