Comparing cards on 2kmt broken?

Not sure if this just an iPad thing but every time I try to compare cards it looks all jacked up like this with certain stats blank. Do I need to be on a computer or is the site just screwed?

no they havent updated the compare since 2k19 so some stats are not in the game anymore and some are new

They didn’t update it from last year

actually, use the app it works great

There is a app?

yea lol at this comparing melo and bron. anw were u the sweeper that got luka on Sam’s stream?

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Wait. So the app works fine, but the website doesn’t? Oof

And I don’t have an IPhone so no app for me… doube oof


yea i chanced upon this a month or two ago. been using it there since

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Nice bro thanks gonna check it out

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