Comp players?

I am curious which guys you watch to get more of an understanding on player animations and just general knowledge of the game. For me its ImJustIsaac and Splash, I am fairly new to who is in the 2k pro scene so I am wondering who is the most advanced and things like defense, playstyles etc.

Articulate, digs deep into the player. Normally spot on. Very down to earth.
@EarvGotti is just a beast.

Idk if they’re comp players but they break down players and show the best way to use them.


Ive heard of @At_Me_Bro_Show and I enjoy the breakdowns, I wish there were gameplay with the cards being used online to see the strengths being used to their full potential, but I’ll have to check the other guy out!

@EarvGotti How good are you at 2k lol? Im super new to trying to get competitive at this game, but from your experience who has the most knowledge that you participate in watching

I wouldn’t consider myself a comp player man. I work a full time finance job so i barely have time to play alot. But when i do play, i can get sweaty lol

Splash is probably the best to watch for learning how to score from a PG perspective. PnR, dribbling, heavy guard play. That type of stuff. Basically all the park/pro am stuff

@RCAtheGreat is good to watch for freelances, offenses, plays, strategy and actual bball IQ that actually works online. Him and I are kinda similar where we try to play real ball, but also make it effective enough to win consistently online.

I don’t really watch anyone else tbh.

Sam Pham always posts gameplay strategy videos at the beginning of the 2K cycle but he never updates them or continues posting. At Me Bro is the best at card breakdowns, but he would tell you himself that he’s not the person to go to for My Team Unlimited gameplay strategy.


The thing with @EarvGotti is he can prolly beat the comp players because of the way he controls his players… but he isn’t labeled comp due to the fact that comp players like @BooPainter for instance use simple strategy to just flood their opponents to create quick easy quits, watching earvs videos creates a whole new understanding as to what players are capable of doing in game, where if you watched boo he along with other top comp guys finds a way to exploit a weakness in the game and they excel at breaking that down then destroying who they’re playing

Two totally different worlds


@EarvGotti is really good at using the moves the players used irl which is why he can kill with Jordan and cards like that.

Comp players just abuse what’s broke or rather yet strong in the game. I play alot of pro am and trust me that “comp” stuff ain’t really hard to do, but it’s hard to stop. Pretty sure you can find any random streamer or YouTuber and they’ll be pretty comp

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is splash a streamer or just youtube?

Boopainter on twitch I think, he’s a dawg completely floods 90% of the ppl he plays. Most ppl may not like how he plays but fuck if he’s elite and zone bait defense, and greening his shots


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