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Which MyTeam card has the best (or your favorite) release?

I’m thinking JR Smith.

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Mullin, Klay, and PG for me I think.

Jokic, so easy to green

Diamond Kobe

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Diamond Kobe as well.

Mine is Chauncey Billups!

Bird is the word.

Mullin, Richmond, Klay and Pettit

I know it’s crazy, but hakeem. Literally green every shot I take with him if it’s open

Same man,thought i should have went with kareem but this card is nasty


Klay and Bird

I like Bird, Mullin, Redd, Porzingis


It’s easy Larry Legend…

Shaq- easy greens all day

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Karl Malone and Rip (give the man a diamond) Hamilton.

Klay, Curry, CWebb, PG.

Klay n Tmac

Standing Sikma, moving Bird.