Community Day

Ronnie tweeted community day is tomorrow so we should be able to see park and myteam gameplay for the first time.

I doubt they will be able to play park or myteam. Probaley just quick game


Yea community day is usually just 5 on 5 gameplay where you tubers get “ghetto” footage and tell their subs what new and what’s not


How many park/rec players here anyway - I always was under the impression that pretty much everyone here runs MyTeam instead?

Would be nice to team up in case 2K neglects matchmaking once again.

I’m curious who all got invited to community day?

From what I understand no MyTeam youtubers are there. Mostly just MyCareer/Park/ProAm players.

DTR Dont Trust Ronald

Ambish afro kobe cash nickthebullsfan subthegamer Killzamoi are there

Troydan is gonna be there too I think

@Ambish better not be soft during face to face after all the shit talking he does about 2K :joy::joy:

DBG was invited but cant make it.

Ambish is there

Nick the bulls fan making a comeback?

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Well guys todays the day. I have a feeling itll be play now only but hope im wrong. Hopefully we get to see a good finished or almost finished product…

I saw a video where blowby animations were very common. That’s a bit worrying.

But on the other hand, the dudes that played weren’t good players, and I also think 2K wants to show new slashing animations, that’s why the defense is nerfed. Maybe with the day 1 patch it will change


if this is true then hopefully itll be fixed. I found at the start of 2k19 the games defense was so much more improved then people started complaining

since ill be at work ill try watching some streams so i can see the gameplay whenever i get a chance or the myteam or park stuff if its on there

Well guys, the event starts in like an hour and 30 minutes roughly. We will be seeing some new stuff i hope and it probably wont be just quick games

He was my favorite 2k tuber

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i really enjoyed him a bit too. A lot of the ones that i liked are doing different things now but theres some that ive grown to really appreciate a lot more

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